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Pierogi Paradise - Exploring Greenpoint NYC’s Best Polish Restaurants
Pierogi Paradise - Exploring Greenpoint NYC’s Best Polish RestaurantsKnown locally as Little Poland, Greenpoint has been the heart of the Polish community in New York City for decades, with more Polish businesses here than anywhere else in the city. Standing on the main strip, Manhattan Avenue, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a small town in Silesia, as Polish bakeries, delis and restaurants line the sidewalk and the sound of the Polish language fills the air. moreread more
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  Steam Around the World: The Eastern European Archives

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Honey-spice liqueur (krupnik staropolski)
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Honey-spice liqueur (krupnik staropolski)
The Vigil supper is too solemn an occasion for high-powered libation. Some families serve no alcoholic beverages whatsoever at this repast, others limit things to a glass of wine or a nip of a home-made cordial. One favorite is this delicious old honey liqueur which is served hot as a great cheer-enhancer and warmer-upper. more

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66-36 Fresh Pond Rd.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

The restaurant offers some simple but ever-appealing dishes like pierogi, borscht or potato pancakes, as well as “more advanced” ones like braised veal with baked apples or herb-marinated braised pork shoulder. more

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Kabanos Polish Deli Two
1635 Great Neck Rd
Copiague, NY 11726

Kabanos Polish Deli has been serving Poles and Polish-Americans since 1987. We invite you to try not only our large variety of cold cuts made on premises, but also your favorite hot meals to go. more
A kind of unfilled potato dumpling serve as a meat accompaniment instead of potatoes or as a meal in itself, garnished with fried salt-pork nuggets or gravy. more