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Starting a Polish restaurant
Starting a Polish restaurantItalian Americans are lucky. When they eat out, they can choose everything from elegant gourmet dining spots to neighborhood pizza joints. On the other hand, except for Chicago, most of the America’s so-called ‘Polish restaurants’ are usually little more than blue-collar American eateries that also include pierogi, gołąbki and kiełbasa on the menu. moreread more
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Lard spread (smalec)
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Lard spread (smalec)
This old country-style, cold-weather energy-booster began making a comeback among highly urbanized Poles towards the end of the 20th century. At present, it is kind of a retro thing -- sophisticated, educated Poles often enjoy this old treat not only during cold-weather activities, but also at house-party buffets. more

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Krakowiak Restaurant
42 Main Street
South River, NJ 08882

Krakowiak Restaurant is an authentic Polish restaurant serving home-made, great tasting traditional and contemporary Polish food. more

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Integro Deli
5710 FF High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27407

Welcome to INTEGRO DELI European Delicatessen
Integro Deli in Greensboro, NC is your Source for Authentic, Delicious Polish & European Foods. We offer Pierogi, Smoked Kielbasa, Fresh Polish Sausages, Stuffed Cabbage, Cheeses, Chocolates, Cakes, home-made Cookies and imported Dry Goods.
The name “Integro” means built from scratch. At Integro, we have assembled an array of over 1000 products with a European flavor. Some items we cook ourselves, while many are specialty items ... more
Dinner, the main meal of the day, generally eaten between 1 and 3 pm. The traditional Polish dinner consists of soup and a main course (drugie danie = second course). Dessert is optional. more