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Pierogi Paradise - Exploring Greenpoint NYC’s Best Polish Restaurants
Pierogi Paradise - Exploring Greenpoint NYC’s Best Polish RestaurantsKnown locally as Little Poland, Greenpoint has been the heart of the Polish community in New York City for decades, with more Polish businesses here than anywhere else in the city. Standing on the main strip, Manhattan Avenue, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a small town in Silesia, as Polish bakeries, delis and restaurants line the sidewalk and the sound of the Polish language fills the air. moreread more
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  Soviet Invasion of Poland: Soviet Invasion of Poland. Occupation of Poland (1939¿1945),Polish prisoners of war in the Soviet Un

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Leek salad (sałatka z porów)
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Leek salad (sałatka z porów)
Although frequently used in soups in the US, leeks are a more common salad ingredient in Poland. Health conscious chefs will agree that leeks are a good source of vitamins and nutrients. more

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Staropolska Restaurant
252 Broad St.
New Britain, CT 06053

In Staropolska restaurant you'll find Polish cuisine, bar, and many, many more other details, which create something, what you can define as 'atmosphere'. This impression is heightened by aroma of dishes being prepared fresh daily.
It’s the perfect place for everybody who has never experienced true Polish cuisine. more

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Integro Deli
5710 FF High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27407

Welcome to INTEGRO DELI European Delicatessen
Integro Deli in Greensboro, NC is your Source for Authentic, Delicious Polish & European Foods. We offer Pierogi, Smoked Kielbasa, Fresh Polish Sausages, Stuffed Cabbage, Cheeses, Chocolates, Cakes, home-made Cookies and imported Dry Goods.
The name “Integro” means built from scratch. At Integro, we have assembled an array of over 1000 products with a European flavor. Some items we cook ourselves, while many are specialty items ... more
Bigos Often referred to in English as hunter’s stew, because of its close connection to the hunts of yesteryear, this ragoût or stew is widely regarded as Poland’s national dish. Its praises were sung in ‘Pan Tadeusz’, the epic poem of 19th-century romantic bard Adam Mickiewicz. It ... more