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Polishplate.com is a website devoted to Polish culinary traditions and the hundreds of places where one can find good, homemade Polish specialties coast to coast.

Our goal has been to compile the most comprehensive listing of Polish stores, delis, restaurants and bakeries. By typing in a zip code, visitors can see a listing of all places in the specific neighborhood (or radius) where Polish food can be found. Each listing contains additional information on the specific place such as business hours, offerings, menus or other users' ratings and recommendations.

The site features a rich collection of stories and articles pertaining to Polish culture and culinary traditions as well as hundreds of authentic recipes. But that is only half the fun! Our interactive functions allow users to post their own stories, recipes, photos, comments and blogs making Polishplate.com a true community of users sharing a common interest in Polish foods.

So whether your pierogi dinner involves a cooking experience for the whole family or just a quick trip to the nearest Polish deli, Polishplate.com is the place to look!