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As a site frequented by users interested in Polish food, culture and traditions, Polishplate.com is the perfect place to advertise and promote your business. Our expansive content, user-friendly format and aggressive search-engine positioning allow our advertisers to reach a very targeted and desirable market segment which for years has been difficult to reach via available on-line marketing tools.

To allow for greater visibility, banners are displayed either on the main page or a sub page in a number of available formats and positions.

Main Page Formats

(display on main page visible to all users)
PositionAvailabilitySizeRotationMonthly Rate
Lower Top1468x6010%$395.00
Left Box2300x25010%$395.00
Right Banner1120x24010%$295.00
Right Box1120x9010%$195.00
All rates include banner design based on request

Sup-Page Formats

(display on sub-pages visible to users utilizing one of the site's many unique functions such as search options or expanding an article or event)
PositionAvailabilitySizeRotationMonthly Rate
Right Banner1120x24010%$195.00
All rates include banner design based on request