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Pattis Pierogis

Pattis Pierogis

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1019 South Main Street
Fall River, MA 02724 USA



Fall River's Newest Polish Food Restaurant.

They offers the golabki, kielbasa and pierogis in six different combinations on the “Polish Plate” for $8.95 with a choice of soup or salad. The kapusta, a spicy, slightly sweet and sour cabbage soup, costs $2.50 for a cup without kielbasa and $3 with chunks of the Polish sausage.

Kielbasa sandwiches range from $4 for just kielbasa to $4.75 with sauerkraut and sautéed onions. They also sells a pierogi with chourico and a spicy ground kielbasa patty.

The pierogis are sold by the dozen for $8 and individually for $1.25. The golabkis, (cabbage stuffed with meat and rice) cost $2.50 each. They also makes dessert pierogis with a variety of fruit fillings including seasonal offerings such as blueberry or strawberry and year-round cherry or apple-stuffed pierogis.

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