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Alfred's Deli Plus

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3041 Brereton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA



In our store, we sell:
Polish sausages, bacons, hams, pierogies
Łowicz products, like, cherry preserves, blueberry preserves, low sugar products: cherry jam, strawberry jam, plum jam.
Soups: vegetable soup with fibre, barley soup, mushroom soup, red borsch, white borsch, tomato soup, żur.
Instant soups: cabbage soup, pea soup, green borsch sorrel
Fish in can: herring fillets in veg oil, smoked sprats "winter", tuna fish, bream in tomato sauce, hungarian style mackerel fillets, carp in tomato sauce (greek style), cod liver pate, mackerel salad.
Krakus meet in can: luncheon meat "Krakus", pork pate, pork shank, tyrol luncheon meat, pork in natural juices, pork skin pork
Cracovia: army brand, chopped pork pattle loaf
Other producs in jar: mashed beets, picked baby beets, beetroot concentrate, mustards, horse radish plain, horse radish, majonez (winiary), majonez (kielecki), vegetable seasoning - Winiary, mushroom bouillon - Knorr, vegetable bouillon - Kucharek, Vegeta - seasoning sup mix, Kucharek - seasoning soup mix, cucumbers in brine, dill pickles, sauerkraut

Hours of operation:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Friday 10:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 10.30am - 4pm
Sunday: 10am - 1pm


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