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Peter's Market

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4617 Turney Road
Cleveland, OH 44125 USA


Peter's Market was established in 1934 and has been preparing smoked kielbasa, fresh kielbasa and other favorites inside its famous sausage room. It's Italian Sausage had won first place at the Taste of Cleveland in 1999 and 2000 and still continues to be one of the favorites at many local fairs.

As an old-fashioned butcher shop that cuts and prepares all its meats on an everyday basis, the Market buys all of its pork, beef and poultry locally to ensure that all of the meats come to them as fresh as possible. In turn providing you with the freshest meats.

Peter's Market

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5 star rating
12th June 2009

This market sells many Polish goods, as well as a selection of traditional meats, alcoholic beverages and packaged items. Best meats this side of town in my opinion. The Polish Boys and Smoked Kielbasa are absolutely fantastic. The price ... completely reasonable.