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3302 Stickney Ave.
Toledo, OH 43608 USA



Stanley's Market has stood at 3302 Stickney Ave. between Clay and Booth Ave in the Lagrinka Polish neighborhood since the 1930's when the original "Mr. Stanley" Stanley Goscin founded the business. The Zychowicz family picked up the tradition and has since handed down the ideals of quality and customer service three generations and still owns and operates the business. Stanley’s Market stands today little changed from it's beginning as a quality neighborhood grocery store and fine meats market. The traditions of quality, fine meats, full service and neighborhood pride continue into the next generation.

Stanley’s Market has become synonymous with the North Toledo Taste and the finest quality Polish Kielbasa produced solely in the Lagrange St. Polish International Village. The family owned and operated outlet in the heart of the Lagrange Polish International Village is the only source in Toledo for our famous fresh Kielbasa. The retail line of Stanley's Market brand products is available at many local grocery stores. Our fresh kielbasa is available outside the Toledo metro area. Ask your grocery store meat manager to carry Stanley's Market retail products and fresh Kielbasa by name!

Stanley’s Market carries a full line of unique to Toledo Polish items including an ever expanding line of homemade Polish delicacies such as Kapusta (Sweet and Sour Cabbage), Pierogi (filled dumplings), Czarnina (traditional sweet soup), Bigos (Polish hunters stew), Placek (Polish Coffee Cake), Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), and various salads, fresh baked breads lunchmeats and Polish gift items. We also carry various assorted imported seasonal Polish items. Stanley’s Market is your Toledo source for Imported Polish beer (Pivo) and mead. Sign up for our weekly email flyer to stay current on our ever changing offerings.

Our meat case is stocked with the finest cuts of fresh and smoked items including Ohio Signature Beef, Miller Poultry, fine bacons, smoked hocks, premium whole smoked hams, smoked pork loins, and all the traditional high quality ethnic products that have drawn generations back to the original Stanley’s Market, still on Stickney!

At Stanley’s Market we believe in the value of knowledgeable friendly service which is on display each day in our full service meat and deli counter. Unlike most larger grocers we do not simply stock pre-packaged meats, but grind fresh beef daily and cut steaks, chops and roasts to order because we feel this is the only way to deliver you the highest quality meat and deli items. Not sure what to fix for dinner? Just ask and our deli help and on site butchers are always willing to share their favorite recipes or fill your custom order. You can also check out the recipes page as new ideas are always being added. Or contact us and place your custom orders, but be sure to include your phone number or email address so we can confirm when everything is ready to be picked up!

Shop Stanley's Market for Polish Beers and Mead Wines including: Zywiec, Okocim, Lomza, Perla, Jadwiga and Lednicki.
Stanley's Market kielbasa now available for weddings, festivals and other special events!
Ask your caterer, restaurant, event planner or call us for more details.

Store Hours:
Mon - Wed, Sat: 8am - 6pm
Thurs - Fri: 8am - 7pm
Closed Sunday

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